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Superior-quality firewood for sale at affordable prices

When it comes to firewood, we’re your ideal choice! At Cam's Tree Service in Hobart, IN, we provide high-quality firewood that can keep your home or garage warm during the winter months. What's more? Our prices are affordable too!

We stock a blend of hard woods kept dry and ready for your fireplace or stove!


Need a little or a lot? We have you covered either way!


Our firewood is sold by the cord. A cord of firewood is 128 cubic feet loosely stacked. A half cord of firewood is about a full size pick-up load, whereas a full chord of wood will require a trailer for transport.


Not sure how much you need? Give us a call and we'll give you some suggestions after finding out what your needs are.

Delivery to Hobart and surrounding areas

If you’re a senior citizen, you can get firewood such as oak, elm, walnut, and more at discounted prices.


We provide MILITARY and LAW ENFORCEMENT DISCOUNTS on our servicces.

We offer Senior Citizen, Military and Law Enforcement  Discounts!

Make sure you store your firewood properly. Keep it dry and in optimal condition for burning.

Get a FREE estimate on our firewood services.

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